Ultimate Blend Trio Salt
Ultimate Blend Trio Salt

Ultimate Blend Trio Salt

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Three of our most highly esteemed salts: Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt, and Pacific Sea Salt, come together in perfect harmony to create this unique gourmet salt blend. As versatile as it is extraordinary, you will never run out of things to season with our Ultimate Blend Salt. This salt is an instant kitchen staple that adds more depth and richness to food than standard table salt.


Origin: Pakistan/France/USA
Description: Blend of 100% natural Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt and Pacific Sea Salt.
Grain Size: Fine
Properties: Natural, Kosher, Salt Blend
Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt, Pacific Sea Salt.
Shelf Life: 10 years
Use for: Culinary - Food Grade Salt for consumption: Great for salt shakers or use in spice blends